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Here we go again, Mr. Richard Evans of bbc radio wales fame doing his selective reporting thing, and a coupla videos to go along side his programme, on the 'Should a portrait of Margret thatcher be displayed outside the Welsh Assembly debate'

Its funny how the BBC are so selective on the art works that they wish to be discuss on their shows, when they have completely ignored my artistic efforts displayed outside the Assembly. Especially these three shown in the video. Maybe I ought to pull the one of Rhodri Morgan beheaded out again. Art Therapy is Cathartic or of him being a Traitor to socialist beliefs. When you consider all that I have written and those who are living on poverty level incomes with the various solution that I have recommended that statement is a truism.

So Gordon Brown after the drubbing at the local government elections says he's going to listen more, a coupla days later he totally ignores the recommendation by the people set up to see if Cannabis ought to be recassified back to B or remain a C they said remain a C and the listening PM totally frigging ignores them. That's New Labour or Old Tory for you, totally frigging deaf.

The BBC claim that there are 3 million regular users of Cannabis in the uk, where they get that figure would be interesting to find out, others claim that its 7 million. But for arguements sake lets stay with the 3 Million which is coinsidently the population of Wales, could we as users claim nationhood in the uk and live somewhere where the criminal justice system does not treat us as criminals. Maybe we could re-house all the non-users in Wales somewhere else in the uk, and have Wales as the refuge of the Cannabis user. Seeing as they don't appear to wish to grant us political asylum in an EEC Country, where we would not be criminalised, because they don't have fools in positions of power.

Apparently the prisons are overflowing at 80,000 and now with a stroke of a pen Mr. Brown has opened up the need to house 3 Million for 5 years at £50,000 per prisioner per year. Are you nuts Mr. Brown??? Or is it a case that this reclassification will allow you to target specific individuals, and bang em away under some 'were tough on crime' bulldoody the Media like to crap on about. Not at all tough on the Causes of crime though are you Mr. Brown???

Then we have Jenny Randerson the spokesperson for the Welsh Assembly having the gall to claim that Art ought to be challenging on Mr. Evans show. She hasn't been all that keen on talking about the Crazydave art works displayed at the Assembly has she. Most especially the Joker painting and the 'Rodney Berman charged with the Victimisation of Crazydave' being a fellow Lib Dem and one time chairman of Cardiff County council. Oh no maybe that would be to challenging for the Assembly, a bit like the Skelator painting and 'the Welsh Assembly in disgrace for its wilful neglect of vulnerable adults' wording, the Media in Wales like to make pretend didn't exist.

Much like the crap the police came out with when they waved the piece of paper at me saying that nothing could be attached to the railings at the Assembly. I wonder how this sculture is going to be held up or is it free standing.

So for the record 'The real reason that they concoted the piece of paper with the rule of non-attachement was so that ITV would not have to show them on their prime time news in Wales spot' Now isn't that right Chief Constable.

In pandering to the Assembly on this the Police have aided and abetted their criminal negligence of vulnerable adults. I see on today's show Monday the 19th May 2008 that the BBC are having a go at 'incapacity benefit claimants again' apparently they are belly aching over the £16 billion its causing the economy, if you can believe the figures? WHERE DO THEY THINK THAT THIS MONEY GOES CRAZYDAVE, YEAH THATS RIGHT BACK INTO THE FRIGGIN ECONOMY.

Then there's the thorny question of what qualifications some of these AM's n MP's have for being Minister's I mean what ones does Alastair Darling have for being the Chancellor for one, while he was the Housing Minister he would send my letter's regarding houses of multiple occupancy back to the Welsh Assembly for comment when housing wasn't a devolved issue. Much like Carwen Jones when environment minister couldn't tell me how much rainwater fell on the average roof in Wales in 2005, much like the environment agency couldn't in 2000. I wonder if the current environment minister knows Crazydave. I doubt it based on past 'we really don't give a toss crazydave, let the suckers pay for all their water' attitude I've had so far from all Assembly Members and various ones at parliament, like the current DWP Minister.

Anyway that's enough for today here are the video URL's title: MARGRET THATCHER SCULPTURE AT CARDIFF BAY (TAKE 1-5)

and for Carwen Jones and the sustainability commission, and de-salination treatment plants so there never is any water shoretages ever again, why is there only one such plant in the uk????

Well that's it for today people, your all gonna have to do something other than what you have been to wake the scoundrels up.

All the Best in this instance its not part of the £16 Billion paying shareholders in the Water companies Bonuses eh Mr. Richard Evans.

Love n Light from Crazydave

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Well seems that mother and daughter arefacing 4 years in jail for 'manslaughter by gross negligence' in the case of the girl who overdosed on Heroin. The fella on Mr. Richard Evans showtoday was right that it should have been the Social Services people who didn't foster her out ought to be the ones facing the jail term.

But we have the same case with the BMA and its burying its head under the sand denying that their policy of supporting the government with regards the criminalisation of the Cannabis user, could be seen in a similar light. Rather than following the governments bias, they ought to be suggesting that, given the war on it use has failed long term users ought to be offered the option of eating n drinking it if health care is their business. But maybe their vested interest is in having lung problem patients on their books eh Crazydave. Maybe thats the real reason, that and sooner the druggies are dead the better, rules their thinking????????

Update over.